Application guideline 

【6th】Nov 17th (Tue) & 18th (Web)

Day1:13:00~16:30 Day2:10:00~16:00

@Hanamaki Toy Museum

(6-2, Kamicho, Hanamaki City, Iwate, 025-0087


Let’s become a toy curator


Guides to communicate Hanamaki culture and its abundant nature with toys and play.

HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM regularly holds toy curator training courses.

The 1st toy curator training course

June 1 (Sat) and 2 (Sun) 2019

In the 1st curator training course,

26 toy curators were born!

Two days when many generations learned together.

It was a wonderful time with smiles.


The 2nd toy curator training course  November 12 (Tue) and 13 (Wed)  2019

 In the second curator training course,

20 toy curators were born!

"A loud voice comes out by laughter through play."

We prayed for the success of HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM by a lion dance.

 The 3rd toy curator training course

March 7 (Sat) and 8 (Sun) 2020

 In the third curator training course,

23 toy curators were born!

We observed the second floor of the Marukan building which is going to be constructed soon



The 4th toy curator training course  

June 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun)  2020

 In the fourth curator training course,

 15 toy curators were born!

It was first time seminar held in the HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM. We enjoyed new wooden building smell.

 The 5th toy curator training course

November 17 (Tue) and 18 (Wed) 2020

 In the fifth curator training course,

13 toy curators were born!

Wearing new red apron,

We made flower pose saying "HANAMAKI."


How to become a toy curator?

You need to take the toy curator training course (2 days) to be a toy curator.


Toy curator training course ( twice a year)

Toy curator training course (2 days)

 You learn the history of the Toy Museum and the appeal of play
 <Curriculum contents>
 Outline of the TOY MUSEUM/Theory and practice of toy/Teaching technique of handmade toys

 The cultural succession of toys and play/How to use toys for child care support etc.

Activity starts

 ※It is presumed that you will be active as a volunteer after taking the course. It’s not a qualification course.


The schedule of the toy curator training course in the HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM 


 6th period Jul 13 (Tue) & 14 (Wed) 2021

 Time Day1 13:00~16:30 Day2 10:00~16:00

 Venue HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM 6-2 Kamicho, Hanamaki City, Iwate, 025-0087


 Tuition fee 2,000 yen     ※Uniform (red apron) 2,500 yen


 Each capacity 30 people.


Please see the application guidelines for details.

 What is a toy curator?

●The Bridge that connects visitors with toys.

The staff wearing a red apron in the hall is a volunteer staff called toy curator.

They have various special skills, such as playing old children's songs and folk play like a top, analog games. Moreover, they not only explain how to play toys, but also tell the joy of play that is exciting to many generations from babies to the elderly.


●Activities that exceeds generations and occupations.

The current number of registrants is 94 (as of April 2021). Ages from 20 to 70 and various occupations.

Activities Description

A toy curator is like a bridge between toys and people.

If you become a toy curator, you can make friends with people who have the same special skills and hobbies through play. You can expand your range of play by experiencing the events such as toy writers and workshops.

We hope that you use this experience for a lifelong learning to improve your skills and social contribution activities.

【Contents of the Activity

・Support for toys, play and workshops
・Event assistant, support for planning and changing exhibitions
・Organizing toys and cleaning the hall
・The activity in three shift patterns according to your lifestyle is flexible.  (More than twice a month, even half a day)
  All day (1 day)        9:30~16:30
 Morning (half day)     9:30~13:10
 Afternoon (half day)   12:50~16:30



●A cheerfull person who is at least 18 years old and likes to interact with people.
●A person who be able to participate twice a month or more every month.
● A person who wants to contribute to telling the appeal of Hanamaki and regional vitalization through the activities of the TOY MUSEUM.

●A person who can approve of the philosophy of  multi-generational exchange and  utilization of domestic lumber that the TOY MUSEUM aimed at. 
※Please purchase a red apron (uniform) 2,500 yen.


6-2 Kamicho, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture 025-0087

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