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Hanamaki Toy Museum

Hands-on facility for wood eduacation through "toys" and "play

Visitors can experience the culture of Hanamaki city and its rich natural environment through "toys" and "play." This museum, which opened on the second floor of the Marukan Building in July 2020, provides opportunities for multicultural exchange that can be enjoyed by people of all generations. Additionally, the interior of the museum features extensive use of timber from Iwate Prefecture.


An illustrious and fully-original toy museum in Japan.

 The dining hall of Marukan building was closed in June 2016, but it was reopened by the local people in February 2017. The hall is certainly loved by locals, both young and old.

 By introducing people to the unique playground equipment and toys from around the world, we effectively create a space for entertainment and education.
 We hope that it will not only be a place to enjoy meals with families, but also a facility that family can enjoy all day long.

A museum that is supported not only by local materials, but also by the very talented people of Iwate prefecture.

 Most of the wood used in the museum’s interior, its furniture, as well as its toys comes from Hanamaki and Iwate Prefecture.

  The processing and construction of these materials is handled by the craftsmen of Iwate Prefecture like OTOMO LUMBER located in Hanamaki city.

 The museum not only offers a fun way to convey the charm of nature to children, but also shows the importance of using and managing local materials in an environment we think all ages will enjoy.


 A museum of multi-generational exchange.

 For over 30 years the Arts and Play Creation Association who manages TOKYO TOY MUSEUM have been selecting toys that all ages can enjoy .

 HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM also develops toys that create communication between parents and children by utilizing the knowledge cultivated at TOKYO TOY MUSEUM.

 In addition, we will establish a "Toy Curator System" for HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM. Our hope is to become a museum that bridges generational gaps and brings people together.

A museum as a local community.

 HANAMAKI TOY MUSEUM will be established and operated in cooperation with local culture and sightseeing locations in order to enhance the tourism experience and be loved by many locals.

 In addition, we will pursue the value as a tourist facility and local treasure realized in the dining hall of the Marukan building and we will aim to be a facility that a wide range of locals and visitors alike can experience as guests or curators.


Inside of the building 


Forest of

"Good Toy"s

Forest of Games

Open Space

for Infants


Play Kitchen


Caterpillar Forest

Forest of 

Hot Spring Town

Wooden Boll Pool

​Iwate Mountain Slide 

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